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consider-4K'S  sERVICES

  kompassionate komfort karing konnector

The purpose of 4Ks is Trifold.
- PRE-PLAN NOW (1) Saves Money (2) Relieves Stress (3) It'sThe Right Thing To Do
4Ks Services the acronym for Kompassionate Komfort Karing Konnector an all-inclusive pre-death planning service with a personal touch. 
BEFORE The Transition

Allow us to assist with organizing your paperwork  and brings comfort to your loved ones. It's better to plan now and live life with ease so that when the Transition occurs your family will have some comfort knowing they are honoring your requests.

At THE TIME DEATH  We work with Funeral Homes with cremations or burials. 
AFTER THE SERVICE OF COMMITTAL  Contact us for special instructions.

Purchase a Final Wishes Quesstionaire License using one of the methods provided             (credit card,   Zelle,   Cash App) visit the Shopping Cart top right corner.

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To access Questionnaire hover over 4-Ks SERVICES and drop down menu will appear. Select option. Final Wishes Questionnaire.

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