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4Ks Services is the acronym for Kompassionate Komfort Karing Konnector an all-inclusive Professional End of Life pre-planning service with a personal touch. 



Pre-planning is economically sound as prices continue to increase when making arrangement for the remains of the deceased in a traditional service or cremation. 4Ks will assist and ensures the  security of documents and paperwork.  It's better to plan now and live a life with ease so that when the Transition occurs your family is able to honor your requests.

(2) At THE TIME DEATH  By having your documents Pre-pared the initial funeral home visit will not cause you to over spend with arrangements due to  increased costs. 

(3) AFTER THE SERVICE OF COMMITTAL  Contact us for special instructions.

We provide a FREE Consultation. Consider purchasing the a Final Wishes Questionnaire from the shopping cart.  

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To access Questionnaire hover over 4-Ks SERVICES and drop down menu will appear. Select option. Final Wishes Questionnaire.

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