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Peace of Mind for Your Projects

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FREE Delivery on BULK

copy and printing jobs

within 100 mile radius.




Our Administrative Team are experts. We produce professional products to express Your Thoughts in PRINT.

We also assist with PLANNING the full scope of listings below so that all you need to do is SHOW UP once you have contacted W-N-1.

This includes finding locations throughout the DMV, nationwide, speakers, musicians, singers, hosts -    Birthday Parties, Conferences, Funerals, Retreats. Weddings, & more.

Personal Assistant

Event Planning

W-N-1 loves to assist with those SPECIAL DAYS in you, your family, or community.

We will large the venue Even in another state.


ACCOUNTING SERVICES - Provides accounting service such as

Bookkeeping - Bill Payment Service

  • Monthly Payments to Creditors

Church Tithe Envelope Input for Congregations less than 500.

  • Quarterly Statement to each member

  • End of Year Contributions


We offer music in the following areas.

Melodies of PraiZe - Christian DJ

Secular DJs

Converting LPs to CD or MP3 file

W-N-1 will convert your old music from LPS into CDs and mp3 files.

We also can convert VHS tapes into a DVD format.


Variety of personalized services tailored for individuals or groups.

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